Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Coming Soon: Cohiba Commador

Hello Cohiba Fans,

Cohiba is one of, if not, the most popular name in the cigar industry. Even non-cigar smoker recognize the name Cohiba. This legendary cigar

maker is releasing a brand new line of cigars called the Cohiba Comador.

Fittingly, the biggest name in hip-hop has teamed up with Cohiba to release this special-edition smoke in a unique partnership. Jay-Z released a statement saying, "I worked with Cohiba because I knew they'd take my vision of a luxury cigar and bring it to life in the right way. We took our time working on this, to get the blend to exactly where I wanted it to be. Comador looks and tastes the way I think a cigar should."

Cohiba's master blenders spent two years developing Comador's elegant taste which is derived from the finest tobacco. Only proprietary leaves from the most acclaimed Caribbean and Central American growing regions is worthy of comprising the blend of filler tobacco. This blend is then wrapped using a hand-selected Connecticut Broadleaf binder and wrapped with the Comador's Crown jewel- The Connecticut Havana wrapper.

The Connecticut Havana wrapper is the most rare and most expensive wrapper on the market. In the 1700's Cuban tobacco seeds were brought and acclimatized in New England. Through 20 years of rigorous selection and breeding, the seed has been refined and polished by Cohiba's  team of agronomists. The Comador marks the first time this leaf is used in a cigar.

I am happy to say that we have been selected by General Cigars to carry this product and I will have more information soon.

For Pre-Ordering information, please e-mail me at This will be a first come first serve basis.

Happy Smoking,


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