Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Davidoff Cigars- Epitome of Sophistication!

Last week I posted about the Davidoff Puro D' Oro line and I received an unexpected amount of emails asking about Davidoff cigars. This surprised me as Davidoff is a brand that every all cigar smokers should be familiar with and/or regularly smoke! They are by far the most consistent cigars with unbelievable construction and flavor.

Zino Davidoff was born in the tobacco industry- literally. Zino’s family owned and operated a tobacco shop in Geneva Switzerland tobacco shop, where communist leader Vladimir Lenin was a regular customer. Zino’s dedication to the family business was present at an early age. At the age of 19, Zino traveled to South America, where he devoted himself to studying the farming and development of tobacco. Upon his return to Geneva, Zino brought his knowledge to the family business, inventing new storage methods (Creator of the Humidor) and testing new tobacco blends. In 1947, with the release of his highly praised Chateaux line, Davidoff became and still remains a symbol of pleasure and sophistication.

Currently offering 9 different blends, Davidoff has some thing for everyone:

             Nicaragua- Mild-Medium bodied smoke with sweet and              creamy notes combined with spices and white pepper.  #3              Cigar of 2013!

      Aniversario- Mild to Medium bodied smoke
      with surprising lightness, dominated by a
      rich intense aroma.

·         Classic- Mild to Medium bodied smoke using
      “classic” sizes that produce some of the best
       well-balanced aromas.

·         Grand Cru- The line that started it all- while maintaining
      the same sizes that were produced in 1946- Medium to
      Full bodied with robust flavors of earth and white
      pepper from start to finish.

·         Maduro- The only Maduro Davidoff has ever produced;
      this cigar encapsulates rich, toasty flavors in a
      medium-bodied presentation while offering thick smoke
      and a long-lasting finish.

·         Mille- Medium bodied smoke with hints of coffee
      and woody, earthy notes finished off with sweet,
      creamy slightly floral aftertastes.

·         Millennium Blend- Full-flavored, full-bodied cigar with
      creamy notes of earth and cedar masked by spicy
      characteristics with a tasty, long finish. By far the most
      popular Davidoff line extension.

·         Puro D’Oro- Exclusive to Davidoff, the Yamasa wrapper 
      provides a medium-bodied array of earthy flavors while
      giving you THICK smoke and a smooth yet semi-bold
      character, Puro d'Oro is a true connoisseur's cigar.

·         Special Series- Medium bodied and “Special” shapes/sizes,
      this cigar uses an Ecuadorian wrapper that produces spice
      and nutty flavors.

This is an amazing brand and I would like to offer you something really special to try them- Buy any box of Davidoff cigars and get a FREE Black Chinese Lacquer Zino cutter- a $150 value!

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In the words of Zino Davidoff- “Pleasure is a thing of beauty” and I wish you many "beautiful" escapes while smoking these delicious cigars!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Davidoff Puro D' Oro- The Jewel of Yamasa D.R.

Oh Boy, do we have a treat for you this week! This cigar raises the bar and defines what a great Dominican cigar should taste like. This cigar is the Davidoff Puro D' Oro!

Released in 2010, this line is the result of the passionate search for perfection by Hendrik "Henke" Kelner, Davidoff's Master Blender. He spent countless hours for over 10 years growing and developing the delicious Yamasa wrapper, exclusively used for the Davidoff Puro D' Oro.

Measuring only at 170 Square Miles (Rhode Island is 1,214 Sq Mi) the very small Yamasa region has reddish soil that is enriched with minerals and according to Henke also has the "Perfect" weather conditions for producing great tobacco. Henke compared working with the farm and blending the tobacco to taming a fine horse. “It was a white horse, a stallion, difficult with lots of energy. Today, the stallion is domesticated.”

At the core of the Puro D' Oro is a blend of select 4 year old Dominican tobacco. The result is an exceptionally pure and very, very rich, blend that releases the aromas of roasted coffee, chocolate, pepper and spices.

This is a high quality medium bodied smoke with a nice long finish that every cigar smoker should have at least once in their lives if not regularly!

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