Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NEW RELEASE- Zino Platinum "The Make Of Los Angeles"

WOW- I have been waiting for these since I seen these at the Show in Vegas. 
AND, finally they have arrived! 

Introducing the limited: 

Zino Platinum "The Make of Los Angeles" Collectors Edition

This is a follow up to the very popular Zino Platinum "The Make of New York" Collectors Edition released on May 15th. I was very curious, as I live in L.A., how they would portray Los Angeles when I first heard they were coming out with these. Needless to say, I am not disappointed with how the amazing boxes look! 

"The Make of Los Angeles "Collector’s Edition reflects a culture that is constantly propelled by innovation and numerous self-made Los Angelenos:

“With this Collector's Edition, we look forward to honoring the pioneers, who tirelessly provide revolutionary creativity and constantly question", explains Scott Kolesaire, Zino Platinum Brand Manager.

Zino Platinum contacted artist Burton Machen to bring these boxes to life. The goal was to capture the innovative potential of Los Angeles and to reflect the cities 4 key elements that continuously redefine culture: cars, film, tattoos and music. Using  an Avant-Garde style,  Machen designed and created the artwork around the bright orange-lacquered cigar box.

This limited cigar comes in Toro format and uses a diverse mix of special tobaccos:
  • San Vincente Mejorado Visus
  •  Piloto Visus
  •  Olor/Piloto Visus
  •  San Vicente Mejorado Visus
  • San Vicente Mejorado Seco  

(you think it’s hard pronouncing all of it,  try writing it)  

Its aroma changes from sweet/creamy to a more powerful, woody note with a slightly musky/peppery touch. In the second third, the cigar draws and burns consistently. Now the woody notes are predominant, but are increasingly rounded off by sweet and creamy nuances. During the last third of the cigar, the taste is very balanced and fills the mouth. 

“The Make of Los Angeles” Collector’s Edition is limited to 750 sets of 4 boxes in the United States. Available to select retailers in the USA from October, and in Germany and Switzerland from December 2013.

And because I love movie trailers, here is a cigar trailer :
I currently have a handful of these 4-box collections, for pricing and ordering information please email me at, or call us at 877-392-4427.

Happy smoking!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Davidoff Of Geneva 25th Anniversary!

Hello Cigar Fans,

This post is for those of you that love the Davidoff Puro D'Oro (as do I). The brand new Davidoff 25th Anniversary cigars have been released! 

In 1988, Davidoff of Geneva was established to bring the world’s finest cigars to American soil. To honor this very important milestone, their Master Blenders drew on their stock of extra aged Dominican tobaccos to create this timeless cigar.

Only available in the Robusto Grande size, this cigar features aged Dominican filler and binder and the very same Yamasa wrapper used in the Puro D’Oro. Aroma-wise the slightly red and seamless wrapper has a sweet hay aroma with a chocolate pepper note.

I will be posting a review shortly but I invite anyone and everyone to try this beautiful cigar, email me at for ordering information.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

High Ratings For Oliva Serie V From Cigar Insider!

Hello Cigar Fans,

Finally, I have a chance to sit down spread some cigar love to the world- I apologize for the delay! I had a chance to go through my emails and noticed one of my favorite cigars was review by Cigar Insider and I had to share the news:


Country: Nicaragua
Maker:  Tabacalera Oliva S.A.
Filler:                Nicaragua
Binder:              Nicaragua
Wrapper:          Nicaragua



Peppery and bold, this tasty cigar is distinct with coffee, 
leather, and salty, earthy notes. It’s flawlessly rolled, 
with a gorgeous wrapper and four seams on the cap.

Body: Medium to Full

TORPEDO- 6" x 56


Nearly flawless in appearance, this pointy torpedo imparts 
plenty of leather and tea on the palate with tangy, 
dried orange peel, walnut notes and a spicy finish.

Body: Medium to Full

LANCERO- 7" x 38


This well-made lancer imparts a dense, chewy smoke that is 
sweet and hearty with brown sugar and mesquite. 
Mineral and coffee notes come through as well.

Body:    Medium to Full



Strong with notes of hearty wood and heavily roasted coffee, this 
peculiarly shaped perfecto becomes rich and spicy after it opens up.

Body:    Full

After reading this, I found my mouth watering and wanting. I am smoking a Double Robusto as we speak and so far I have just 1 thought- "Damn, I can't remember this last time I had 1 this good!" This might be one of the best batch of Oliva Serie V produced, get some while you can!

Click here for more information!

Till next time,