Friday, November 22, 2013

Limited Relase- Macanudo Estate Reserve

First the Davidoff Nicaragua, then the Casa Cuba, now the Limited Release Macanudo Estate Reserve. I love this time of the year! Some of the best cigars are being released and they taste great!  And now introducing the:

Macanudo Estate Reserve

Macanudo Estate Reserve is a limited edition collection that commemorates the 45th anniversary of America’s best-selling premium cigar brand. To showcase the extraordinary range of flavors that can only be achieved by blending tobacco from the most limited of origins, General Cigar’s artisans have sourced a delicate Connecticut Shade wrapper from an independent grower, and built an outstanding blend around it.

"The Estate Reserve series will feature an annually released, limited-edition blend made with tobaccos that have never been considered for Macanudo or any other General Cigar brand," said Alan Willner, General's vice president of marketing. According to the company, the wrapper leaf for this year's Estate Reserve was sourced from an "independent grower" and all the tobacco in the blend was aged at least eight to 10 years.

A rare filler & binder core composed only of EXTREMELY RARE Dominican tobaccos aged 8 to 12 years (an unusual move for Macanudo), and is capped by a Connecticut Shade-grown wrapper. This cigar screams mild body with creamy notes!

Let’s see…

The cigar lights easily and presents a perfect draw.  The first third of the Estate Reserve starts off with a pleasant mix of cedar and sweet cream. The second third brings in some spice as well as nuts with the sweet cream.  The final third loses the sweetness and the spice starts to kick in more with cedar and nutty notes. 

Macanudo did something great with this cigar- they made a super premium cigar that not only experienced smokers, but also beginners can really enjoy.

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