Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Friday Cigar Smokers!

Photo provided by Cigar Aficionado
Hopefully you didn't work to hard this week, in case you did, here is some great news:

Cigar Aficionado is posting that "Padrón Family Preparing Two Cigars for 50th Anniversary"!


They go on to say: "One of the two cigars will become part of the Padrón Family Reserve line, and is tentatively entitled Padrón Family Reserve 50. The smoke will likely be five inches long with a ring gauge of 54, and made with well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, many of them grown by the Padróns themselves. This smoke will be made on a continuing basis, but not in large quantities.

The second Padrón 50th anniversary smoke will be far more rare, and will come packaged in a high-end humidor containing 50 cigars. Each humidor will be numbered, and each cigar in the series will be individually numbered as well. Humidor No. 1, for example, will contain cigars No. 1 through 50. There will be at least 500 humidors made, and the Padróns are offering the chance for refills. "Whoever buys the box will have the opportunity to purchase another 50 cigars a year for five years," said Jorge Padrón."
Read the full Cigar Aficionado article here: Padron 50th Anniversary Cigars
I love Padron's just like the next cigar smoker, so you better believe I am getting my hands on a box or a dozen.
I am accepting names, email addresses and phone numbers for pre-orders. It is first come first serve so put your information in the Contact Form and I will let you know more information as it is released!
Happy Friday,

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