Thursday, May 1, 2014

Diamond Crown Cigars- Sweet. Strong & Delicious

Diamond Crown- one of the most cherished cigar brands in the world. Handmade at Tabacalera A. Fuente by the very best Master Rollers, the Cuban-seed filler and Dominican binder contain a complex blend of six to seven individual Dominican tobacco leaves. Each Diamond Crown cigar undergoes a thorough inspection process only the best cigars get released.

J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s long history dates back more than a century to 1895, when Julius Caeser Newman rolled his first cigars in the family barn in Cleveland, Ohio. Starting out as a one-man cigar factory, they prospered through decades and make some of the tastiest cigars on the market.

In celebration of his J.C. Newman Cigar Company's upcoming 100th Anniversary, Stanford Newman wanted to develop a truely exceptional series of cigars unlike any other on the market. He didn't care what it would cost, how much time it took, or even if it would sell. Stanford was in his mid 70s and he wanted to culminate his 50+ years in the cigar business by creating the smoothest, most flavorful, full-bodied cigar possible- thus the birth of Diamond Crown.

Diamond Crown Robusto - Diamond Crown cigars are extraordinary and exceptional Smokes.  This Top-of-the-line, exclusive Cigar has the rarest Connecticut Shade Fermented Wrapper (CFW) available for Cigar production and they take five years to reach peak quality.  It is this "second curing" that evens and develops the Rosado color of the tobacco wrapper and also accounts for much of Diamond Crown's sweet, smooth, rich flavor.

Diamond Crown Maximus -  The Diamond Crown Maximus is made with Carlito Fuente's secret blend of specially aged Dominican tobaccos, and a Special wrapper leaf, which has been exclusively grown on the El Bajo region of Ecuador. The combination creates a delicious and remarkably smooth, full-flavored cigar. This 90+ rated smoke will definitely please all full-bodied fans!

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser -  This ultra premium cigar is rolled by hand in small batches by, Tabacalera A. Fuente. This delicious cigar uses a Ultra-Rare Ecuadorian Cuban-seed wrapper and exquisite tobacco from Central America. The tobacco used for the Julius Caeser Cigars are aged for five years releasing robust full flavors.  Available in limited quantities, these cigars are highly coveted and hard to find.

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