Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quorum Cigars- Best Bang For Your Buck Bundle

When Julius Caeser Newman rolled his first cigars in the family barn in Cleveland, Ohio did he see this company growing into what it is today? What started as a one-man cigar factory grew into one of the most prosperous companies that manufacture some of the world’s most premium handmade cigars.

J.C. Newman is America's oldest family-owned premium cigar makers, and also the last operating cigar factory in Cigar City (Tampa, Florida). The portfolio that JC Newman has developed is impeccable: Diamond Crown is a highly popular cigar and as well as a bestselling brand of humidors and cigar accessories. The Brick House is one of the most reliable smokes on the market and was rated the top valued premium cigar of 2009 by Cigar Aficionado. But what caught my eye and really is the point of this is the Quorum bundle.

In an exclusive interview with Cigar Aficionado, J.C. Newman president Eric Newman said that Quorum had sales of about 8 million units per year, growing at 15 percent annually. 8 Million Units? For a cigar that most of the people reading this has never heard of?

Quorum is not a super premium cigar; you do not get one on the top shelf at a Vegas cigar lounge, in fact it has not even been rated in Cigar Aficionado. But Quorum remains as one of the world’s most popular handmade cigar sold in bundles, why? Consistency, Flavor and Value!

Quorum is one of the first cigars I ever bought- I was in high school going to a bonfire and it was $3. What I found was a cigar so easy to smoke and enjoy I still smoke it to this day! This handmade with has some savory and spicy notes due to its Nicaraguan filler and binder. Each cigar also features a special sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper leaf that adds to Quorum’s delightfully nutty, smooth, medium-bodied flavor.

Smoke magazine had this to say about the Quorum:

These cigars could easily be sold for three to four dollars a stick and nobody would complain. For the medium bodied smoker who enjoys a nice everyday smoke and doesn't want to break the bank, this cigar is for you. The beautiful thing about a Quorum cigar is that it’s the perfect cigar for every day smoking, but it allows you to splurge on higher end cigars for special occasions.

Click HERE to enjoy this delicious cigar for yourself!

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